Sea Bridge on Sandwich Mixto

A recent post in No.Zines website, talks about Sandwich Mixto located in the Antón Martin market (Madrid) and reminded me they have one of my favourite photozines: Sea Bridge*. So if this summer you go to visit the capital of Spain, don't miss this place!

Here the facebook page.

Photo by Sandwich Mixto

(*)"Sea Bridge" is sold out in the Badweather Press web, so probably they are the last copies, a known treasure!

Are You?

Yesterday I re-scaned a old collage zine I made for a exhibition (that, at the end, didn't took place...). Here are some samples.


I made this cover for Leonardo Amico's music project. You can listen the music here, published at Pan y Rosa website. Hope I can also upload soon a nearly-finished project with Leo and Bad Weather Press. Maybe before August? ;)