Patufet, Diari and Onion Rings

Quick update at the blog with some news, specially from the last two fairs (both in Barcelona): Gutter Fest and GRAF. From Gutter, really happy to show other people the new zine from the trilogy i'm working on: Diari (Diary) . Also was a pleasure to talk about the other photozines I've been designing and publishing at Bad Weather Press. Two weekends later, at the GRAF (independent comic fair) I presented my new comic: Onion Rings. (The two day fair are well explained at BWP blog here).

Onion Rings is baptised as a comic although I see it as a illustrated collage, as explained in the Bad Weather website: the use of different thickness and style of the lines makes a visual separation that replaces the classic separation of traditional comics.

On GRAF I also noticed that... Patufet collage zine has been sold out. This is a really good news, means there are outside my house,  forty nine privileged people that has one. Keep it! For me, has been a project that I have taken lots of affection. Now, i'm working on a new themed one, I've been updating some digital collages here on the blog and on my facebook page.