Vancuver public library: Zine section

This post was to be published on Bad Weather Press blog, but lately, I decided to publish it on my blog. Looks more logic, at the end, is a personal point of view of some zines I saw on the Vancouver public library.

First, i need to say I’m very jealous to fins a section like that on a library. It looks like something normal in United States and Canada (and also some important libraries in Europe. Just a few.), but the truth is in here, It’s impossible. There is no possibility to add anything to a library without the strictly supervision of the “libraries department”. This means: libraries full of bestsellers and magazines.

Well. For this reason, after the Vancouver Art/Book Fair, I decided to visit the zine section of the library. Wonderfull stuff, first, this zine from Francesca Szuskiewicz named “Pol Roger” which complements the other three: “Wool”, “Sisters / Fissures” and “Widow’s Peak”.

The second found, was this people from San Diego (California) that publishes really nice photobooks with lovely grain black and white photographs. This press, publishes also a Magazine (the one you can see in the photo) called, oh, Hamburger Eyes Magazine. Note: The continuing story of life on earth. November 22, 2002.

Third selection is also a magazine, this one, was more familiar to me: Kagummi Magazine nº5, directed by Bartolomé Sanson (Rennes, France. 2009) With a limited edition of 150 copies.

Others zines I don’t fins much information, but I loved, was one called “Wood” by Francesca Bennett and “Glory Days” by Pascal Alexander and published by the Zürich based press Fuerimmer-forever.