6x4'' exhibition: Artist Postcards

So, I'm in this postcard exhibition!

6x4” is an exhibition that will explore the postcard as a distinctive artistic medium in its own right. Artist-designed postcards are small, intimate, unique pieces to be either distributed or collected by individuals. 
Artists’ postcards, however, are not only about creating images on  a blank canvas. It is also about the artists’ interaction with existing postcards, manipulating imagery by collaging found materials, drawing, painting or cutting into the surface. The exhibition, 6x4”, provides an opportunity to explore the potential of the this form through artist-designed or artist-manipulated postcards. 
Images can employ any technique and can be drawn, typographic, photographic, printed onto, or manipulated. They can be landscape or portrait, address any subject matter from conceptual to humorous and can be singular or part of a series. The only restriction is the image must fit within postcard dimensions.
The exhibition is just about exploring and enjoying the format and having a bit of fun with it. 
Questions can be submitted on http://artistspostcards.tumblr.com/ or can be emailed to 6x4postcards@gmail.com.
Jeremy Cooper - Aritsts’ Postcards: A compendium . Reaktion Books. (2012) 

Clic on the pic and look very close, just on the left side of the girl... 4 postcards. I'm going to upload them soon!

Collage / lletfresca.tumblr.com

I still work with the theme of collage (after the "Collage age" zine and "Christopher..."), this time for a specific order, and doing them digital. BUT, I still prefer the cut and sizing of a lifetime, I event not sure if I should call this "collage"...

You can see other things I'm doing here: http://lletfresca.tumblr.com/

Christopher discovered america by mistake

Now uploads at booklet library from Japan!

This latest publication is material I have been collecting and selecting from internet and then, made compositions more or less around "Tropicalismo", always giving priority to what I like.

The fanzine, of course, has published "Bad Weather Press" and you can get it by Paypal on their website, or Barcelona (Fatbottom books) and Madrid (Sandwich Mixto)

Zine scans are from Booklet.

Zine scans are from Booklet. // Zine edition of 25