Obsessionistas / number 25

A few years ago, the blog/web Obsessionistas specialized in interviewing collectors, did me a short interview about my collection, a sieve of photozines, artzines, comics, rare stuff, political fanzines and other stuff I can't remember now. Here I make a backup.

The collector: Pere Saguer, Graphic Designer, Girona and Barcelona, Spain.
The collection: Zines and Fanzines.
The story behind the collection...
My fanzine collection began when I started exchanging comics with my school mates.  I never imagined that I would have this collection.  I just kept them because I had exchanged them with my friends.  Then when I moved to Barcelona to study I discovered more about fanzines and the DIY movement.
I've been collecting fanzines since 2005, and today I have more than 800 zines (and other kinds of small limited editions). My collection is not only fanzines. Sometimes it's difficult to define what is or isn't a fanzine, so I acquire them according to my own personal aesthetic.  The content is split 50-50 between illustration and photozines.  I have to confess that the way I focus my collection is something pending that I'm currently trying to solve.
I still remember the day I got "96844kg" by Jordi Erola (a Catalan artist) in a small shop in Barcelona (now closed).  I'd really like to get hold of an Ed Ruscha zine. I had the opportunity to see some of them in the Archive of the Modern Art Museum of Barcelona (MACBA), of course, my pocket still can't afford it.
I also have a collection of very old key chains but I'm no longer adding to the collection.  Other collections include empty sugar packets, plane and train tickets, a sticker book (mostly focused on street art) and champagne bottlecaps.
Sometimes I discover a fanzine I mark down as interesting and then when I have the money to buy it it's sold out. A recommendation to Obsessionistas: if you see something interesting, buy it!
I recommend all to take a collection in his life, collecting is a way to preserve our history.

Internet paleontology

Next week, there is going to be a second edition "remasterized" of Christopher discovered amercia by mistake, a net-art graphic zine with some internet fossils (like a internet paleontologist) and again, published by Bad Weather Press.

The first edition was sold out in a couple of weeks in GRAF fair (the Barcelona edition) and Gutter Fest, and although we are very reluctant to make second editions, in this case, we will make an exception.

Thanks Google

Looking about noise music I saw my profile +Google picture, I didn't understand why till I saw that The Ratzinger Times mention us because of the noise+zine: Food Chain. It was a two-way work, with Leonardo Amico on the sound and me on the graphics. All published on Bad Weather press.

Here I copied the photographs, to see the similarities:

The picture of the girl (aka Dominadora de Combos) is from another entry in the same web about Sensxperiment: Between Lucena and Montilla, with very nice photographs.