Patufet, Diari and Onion Rings

Quick update at the blog with some news, specially from the last two fairs (both in Barcelona): Gutter Fest and GRAF. From Gutter, really happy to show other people the new zine from the trilogy i'm working on: Diari (Diary) . Also was a pleasure to talk about the other photozines I've been designing and publishing at Bad Weather Press. Two weekends later, at the GRAF (independent comic fair) I presented my new comic: Onion Rings. (The two day fair are well explained at BWP blog here).

Onion Rings is baptised as a comic although I see it as a illustrated collage, as explained in the Bad Weather website: the use of different thickness and style of the lines makes a visual separation that replaces the classic separation of traditional comics.

On GRAF I also noticed that... Patufet collage zine has been sold out. This is a really good news, means there are outside my house,  forty nine privileged people that has one. Keep it! For me, has been a project that I have taken lots of affection. Now, i'm working on a new themed one, I've been updating some digital collages here on the blog and on my facebook page.

Grup de treball / Bugaboo

Scanning old stuff for a surprise... (for the next months) :)

El confort dels estranys

Last saturday, at Fun Fan Fest, I presented my new project. This is my second project of this size, the first one, for those who do not remember, was The Collage Age in July 2012.

This one, called El confort dels estranys (The strangers comfort) is an evolution of the trilogy "The snoopers” (that soon we will see the next two issues published in Bad Weather Press). There is only 30 numbered copies with modified covers (back covers too) and available on fairs and soon online through BWP shop.

The use of a background with elements, and the other elements that are overlapped should be read in the same order as a comic. Nothing more, nothing less. Obviously, the use of collage makes me difficult to repeat a character so you have to “watch” the characters that appear as a subject, a representation of something and find the same “character” it on the next page (represented with something similar). Repeat this process in every page, until you complete the story.

For this complex way of reading (watching) a story, I always say that the best of these publications is not the first reading, but from the second and third, once you analysed down to the smallest details.

Vancuver public library: Zine section

This post was to be published on Bad Weather Press blog, but lately, I decided to publish it on my blog. Looks more logic, at the end, is a personal point of view of some zines I saw on the Vancouver public library.

First, i need to say I’m very jealous to fins a section like that on a library. It looks like something normal in United States and Canada (and also some important libraries in Europe. Just a few.), but the truth is in here, It’s impossible. There is no possibility to add anything to a library without the strictly supervision of the “libraries department”. This means: libraries full of bestsellers and magazines.

Well. For this reason, after the Vancouver Art/Book Fair, I decided to visit the zine section of the library. Wonderfull stuff, first, this zine from Francesca Szuskiewicz named “Pol Roger” which complements the other three: “Wool”, “Sisters / Fissures” and “Widow’s Peak”.

The second found, was this people from San Diego (California) that publishes really nice photobooks with lovely grain black and white photographs. This press, publishes also a Magazine (the one you can see in the photo) called, oh, Hamburger Eyes Magazine. Note: The continuing story of life on earth. November 22, 2002.

Third selection is also a magazine, this one, was more familiar to me: Kagummi Magazine nº5, directed by Bartolomé Sanson (Rennes, France. 2009) With a limited edition of 150 copies.

Others zines I don’t fins much information, but I loved, was one called “Wood” by Francesca Bennett and “Glory Days” by Pascal Alexander and published by the Zürich based press Fuerimmer-forever.