The death of Maslow

Yesterday I recieve a pack from Belgium, the last Lazer Artzine (nº19-20) and a mini-book/flyer from the exhibition in Cultures Maison. All really nice stuff, thanks Chanic!

Here is my page, on the left and Alain Marciano’s one on the right.
I titled the comic "the death of Maslow" and tried to represent the end of the world after the physiological level. Here the Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

Exhibition flyer


All photos from Festival FB page

Another exhibition I can’t assist. Sad, very sad. It was at the Médiathèque Margarite Duras in Paris (France). The exhibition was free to all public and had really a amazing collection of stuff from around the world. On the web says, the zine will go to the library, so, now you have a nice opportunity to go there and have a look!

Event by Papier Gache!
Facebook page of the festival

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