New collage works.
Updating the website with new stuff and working in another collage zine.


Altres tafaners / Summer 2014

Oh! I've been this summer looking for some inspiration in Costa Brava. Here the resume in two pictures:

And now some news! For Bad Weather Press I finished another collage zine and we are waiting for the prints, so is quite possible you can find them at the Vancouver Art/Book Fair in Vancouver (Canada) or at the FLIA in Vallcarca (Barcelona) on 4th October. Stay in touch on my facebook page or Bad Weather's page.

Carnicería street: Teletienda

Recently, i’ve been collaborating on Carnicería Sreet zine, a publication published by Carne Press from València. This third number of the zine, curated by the great artist Guillem Srrave, talks about Teletienda (teleshopping / Shopping channel), the amount of this kind of channels in spain, proves the real intellectual level of society.

For this number, I made two collages that, looking closer, match perfectly with the partner of the next page. Maybe some of you remember the old woman from the picture above, is the famous "old woman frying eggs" from Diego Velázquez, a very interesting painter from Sevilla (1599 a.C.).

In this number, you can find incredible work from Guillem Srrave, Cesar Al, Nacho Prb, Busto, Borja Gomez, Eros Migo, Marta Platon, Nukekun, Fernando G Pol, Mariola, Mary Garlic, Pere Saguer, Mireia Ossorno and Pau Sampera.

Collage things / Brands

Working in a new set of collage about brands, hope I can show a nice published collage zine soon! You can still order the last mini zine I published on Bad Weather press or go to the Fatbottom Books online shop.

Brands on bags. Original photo from Silvia Poch.

Verri Unlisted

Mr. Giorgio

The cute view

Instructions. Avanzador de película.

Audio valley

Video Art: the forest

Vincent Chaperon, the collage not the person.

El confort dels estranys

El confort dels estranys (The strangers comfort). Collage stuff I finished the last month. I don't know exactly what it's suposed to mean, but it's a paralel work I did wile I'm finishing the second book of the snoopers trilogy.

Arts libris 2014

A quick update to the blog with the last updates. First of all, I'm going to be at the Art Libris Fair, from Wednesday 23 to Sunday 27 at the Bad Weather Press stand, who will be sharing space with other three publishers: Do the Print & Adolfo Press from Barcelona and Desisto from Lisboa.

Packing Altres tafaners for the Arts Libris fair.

I'm going to be there with my last two publications, "No saquen las flores", the Mexican photozine and "Altres tafaners", a small collage zine. But you are going to be able to find other nice printed work from Carles Palacio, Irene Serrano, Robert Roura, Sarah Edwards, Ekaterina Solovieva and Carlos Cancela. And as usual in BWP fairs, there is going to be music from Orgonomy Records with the last Blue Birds Dominion noise compositions with a cover designed by me.

"Sea Bridge" one of my photozines published on Bad Weather press

I uploaded all this last year works on the website, which I modified a little bit because I find the old one quite a mess. Hope this one it’s not so horrible. Have a look here.

Poster for "Take it all" theater play by Ovidi Llorente and Erika Alsborn

Collage zine: Altres tafaners

Altres tafaners (Other snoopers) is my last collage zine published by Bad Weather Press. They are going to be other two zines to complete the trilogy of snoopers.

Working on the zine

For the moment, you can find the zine on the Fatbottom store in Barcelona (they have online shop and fair prices). You can leverage to buy other publications from Bad Weather like "2pm 6am" by Irene Serrano or the well known "Capitalismo Barbarie" by Carles Palacio, all of them of unquestionable quality.

Zines on the fatbottom comic and book store.