Carnicería street: Teletienda

Recently, i’ve been collaborating on Carnicería Sreet zine, a publication published by Carne Press from València. This third number of the zine, curated by the great artist Guillem Srrave, talks about Teletienda (teleshopping / Shopping channel), the amount of this kind of channels in spain, proves the real intellectual level of society.

For this number, I made two collages that, looking closer, match perfectly with the partner of the next page. Maybe some of you remember the old woman from the picture above, is the famous "old woman frying eggs" from Diego Velázquez, a very interesting painter from Sevilla (1599 a.C.).

In this number, you can find incredible work from Guillem Srrave, Cesar Al, Nacho Prb, Busto, Borja Gomez, Eros Migo, Marta Platon, Nukekun, Fernando G Pol, Mariola, Mary Garlic, Pere Saguer, Mireia Ossorno and Pau Sampera.